Ivana Alawi’s Mom Attractive Photo Surfaced Online Looks Lovely as the Actress

Ivana Alawi’s mom’s, Fatima Al-Alawi, photo when she was at teenage similarly looks attractive as the actress is right now.

Famous actress vlogger and star Ivana Alawi has an inheritance with her attractive body. Unbeknownst to others, Ivana had many trials and hardships before she entered showbiz.

Ivana Mom Sexy Photo
Image Source: Philstar

However, her mother, Fatima Marvilla Al-Alawi, supported and helped her to take the spotlight in show business. According to Ivana’s story, she was about to give up on the world of showbiz due to the rejection she experienced.

She said she had already decided to pursue her studies and do business as she’s willing to give up being an artist. But mommy Fatima did not lose hope for her beautiful child. Mommy Fatima has never stopped promoting her daughter to popular managers.

Mommy Fatima eventually succeeded and made Ivana Alawi as an actress. Meanwhile, the actress’ body is an inheritance from her mother.

Ivana Mom Sexy Photo
Image Source: Youtube

A photo of mommy Fatima has surfaced line. In her photo, back in her younger age, mommy Fatima had a great charm and had this one of a kind beauty.

It is undeniable that even when mommy Fatima is hands-on to her children, you will still see her beauty. Although mommy Fatima has been teased in the past, Ivana shared.

When she was studying in Bahrain, her mom was falsely accused as their household worker by her classmates. But despite the issue, she still loved her mom and defended her.

Today, Ivana Alawi is one of the most famous vloggers, and mommy Fatima can always be featured and enjoy as part of her vlogs. They are like the eldest sister in Alawi’s siblings.

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