Elderly Woman Walked for 2 Weeks Just to Reach Home After PUVs Refuse to Give Her Ride

Kind Netizen Helps Elderly Woman Who Walked for 2 Weeks Just to Reach Home

An elderly woman walked for two weeks just to reach home after public vehicles refused to give her ride for carrying a dog.

A Facebook user named April Rose Ubaldo has shared the photos of an elderly woman who is walking for almost two weeks just to reach her home. The post goes viral online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Ubaldo learned that the lady identified as Nanay Areta came from Binalbagan and she was on her second week of walking to reach her house in Saravia, Negros Occidental. The old woman explained that no one allowed her to have a ride because of her dog named Rex.

Elderly Woman

Checkpoint officers gave her food and a certain amount of cash. Ubaldo and her colleague decided to take the elderly lady to her destination and endorsed her to the officials of the barangay.

The poor lady together with her dog is finally home after spending weeks of walking amid the extreme heat of the sun and rain.

Elderly Woman

The kind-hearted lady netizen proved that the faith in humanity still exists and people could still show kindness towards others in different ways.

Elderly Woman

The social media users lauded the lady netizen for her kindness:

So proud of you Pril. God bless you more

I’m sooo proud of you Miss April, I’m sure your Mom is smiling proudly up there. God bless you always and stay safe.

Continue to be a blessing to others April😇…It will return back to you a thousand folds..Your mom is very proud of you..

proud student po to have a genuine hearted teacher keep it up ms.ubaldo miss u and God bless”

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