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Which Animal Do You See First?

PERSONALITY TEST – Psychologists suggests that the animal you see first in the picture below would reveal your true subconscious personality you may not even know about!

Our minds are one of the best sources of information and operates faster than any computer ever could. However, we’ve only scratched the surface of its potential.

According to Freud, the unconscious mind holds more about ourselves than we could have ever known. And through this test, we’re going to learn a little bit more about our own personality.

Be honest with what you see and learn more about yourself! What animal do you see first?

The Animal You See First Reveals Your True Personality!
Image from: Brightside

Done? Okay! Let’s take a look at the results!


The Animal You See First Reveals Your True Personality!

If you spotted the Zebra first, then you are a person who is the life of the party! You’re personality is contagious and attracts people the best. Aside from that, you are also charismatic, spontaneous, and have an amazing sense of humor!

However, you do get bored of the norm often. As such, you need new things to stimulate your mind and your life. This would be through new friends, people, or experiences.


The Animal You See First Reveals Your True Personality!

Spotting the cat first may suggest that you are a bit introverted. Talking to people isn’t always the first thing on your to-do-list and you’d prefer to what from a distance and analyze things before participating in the action.

But, you are independent and care not about what others think of you. You take control of your own life with your own set of rules and standards making you independent and self-sufficient.


The Animal You See First Reveals Your True Personality!

Seeing the duck first means that you often see the brighter side of any situation. This means that you’re probably an optimist that doesn’t let anything get the best of you, even when faced with the greatest of adversities.

Moreover, you are a person who likes to live in the now, making the best out of the life you have. Additionally, you like to learn new things, new experiences, and exploring areas you’ve never been before due to your optimistic curiosity.


If you saw that Koala first, then you’re probably a calm person. Additionally, you are kind, sensitive, caring and considerate. You’re also the epitome of Charlie Puth’s “One Call Away”, because you’d always be the person people go to.

Additionally, you’re the type of person who prefers quiet alone time with books or a nice movie rather than large parties. Moreover, you genuinely like helping others unconditionally.


Seeing the elephant first means that you are loyal, and care deeply about the things and people around you. Along with this, you are a person everybody can always lean on. Additionally, you’re said to be a problem fixer, not because you exactly know the answers but because you how to listen.


Finding the bear first means that you are a logical person. Additionally, you are somebody who is conservative and traditionally. Your values are high and go through live accordingly.

Moreover, you are somebody who likes peaceful areas as you are a quiet and observant person. You believe in order, rules, and being spontaneous really isn’t your style. However, you are thought to be very sensitive, thoughtful, and very dedicated to your crafr.


Giraffes are people who can adapt to any group like a social chameleon. You don’t believe that people should have a single friend group, instead you like diversity and often times are the center of each group you’re in.

Furthermore, you’re a conversation starter and could talk to almost anyone about anything! But, you’re still down-to-earth and loyal to friends.

Additionally, you also have a tough exterior, almost nothing can get you down. However, you know for a fact that you are sensitive.


If you saw the pig first, you are somebody who is independent and likes to work alone. You’re mind works so fast that you often don’t have enough time to explain things to everybody.

Furthermore, you are a person who is very detail oriented, has an amazing memory, and top-notch analytical skills. Along with this, you are an extrovert that goes along with people amazingly.


People who saw the rabbit first are some of the most creative individuals out there. Much like rabbits, they are full of energy, spreading contagious happy vibes to everyone.

You brighten any place you go to, bringing joy and laughter to all with your incredible humor. But, even with all that, you are also thoughtful, and emphasizes with people so well.


If you saw the lion first, then you are a naturally born to lead. You create an environment where people band together to achieve a shared goal. However, you could sometimes become too dominant with your ideas and could be a bit overwhelming.

Still, you are someone who doesn’t shy away from challenges because you see them as opportunities.


If the owl was the animal you see first, that suggests you are a deep thinker. You are also somebody who probably doesn’t feel comfortable in big social situations. Additionally, you are organized and hate chaotic situations that deviate from your plan.

With this, you could sometimes be a perfectionist and expect the same for those around you.

However, even if you are a bit introverted, people are still draw to you because of your intellect and sense of humor.

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