Brazil Surpasses 20,000 Deaths As Highest Toll Reaches Over 1,000 In A Day

BRAZIL DEATHS OVER 1,000 – The number of fatalities caused by COVID-19 in Brazil has reached over 20,000 on Thursday.

Brazil has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Latin America. On Thursday, it reached the highest recorded daily death toll of 1,188. This tallied the total deaths to 20,047.

Currently, Brazil has confirmed over 310,000 cases of COVID-19. However, these figures were said to merely account for a small percentage of the actual count due to lack of testing.

Brazil Over 1,000 Deaths In A Day, Toll Surpasses 20,000
Image from: Reuters

Due to Brazil’s high death rate and infections, it now ranked third with regard to number of COVID-19 cases. Furthermore, the country only lags behind the United States and Russia.

Meanwhile, according to an article from ABS-CBN, the death toll in Brazil doubled in just 11 days. With this, the death toll in the country became the sixth highest worldwide.

However, even with the critically increasing number of cases, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro still called to ease lockdown measures. This was done in a bid to revive Brazil’s declining economy.

Still, almost every one of the 27 states has lockdown protocols imposed. Meanwhile, Brazilians were reported to be tired of the restrictions imposed since the end of March.

Within Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil’s economic and cultural capital, has become the most hit area. Moreover, around a quarter of the country’s fatalities and infections were recorded there.

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