Jericho Rosales Posts Inspiring Life Story Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Inspiring Life Story of Jericho Rosales Posted by Actor on Social Media

JERICHO ROSALES – The actor-model took to the social media his inspiring life story amid the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines now.

Currently, the Philippines is on a health crisis due to the increasing cases of coronavirus or COVID-19. To stop the spread of the disease, community quarantines are implemented.

The said quarantine measures limit the movements of the people. In fact, many non-essential businesses temporarily stopped their operation and a lot of no-work-no-pay employees lost their income.

Undeniably, there are a lot of delayed plans nowadays. Many dreams are put on hold as well because of the global pandemic and some may be losing hope as to when things will get better again.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, actor-model Jericho Rosales posted on social media an inspiring message – his life story. He was once in poverty but is now a successful actor who was able to give his family the life he wants for them. He is married to Kim Jones.

Echo was first discovered in the search for Mr. Pogi 1996. He won the said contest in the GMA-7’s noontime variety show Eat Bulaga. However, according to the actor-model, before it, he had a lot of experiences on being a poor person.

Jericho Rosales stated in his post that he went to public schools when he was in elementary and high school and he was not able to pursue college as they cannot afford it. He used to collect discarded wires and newspapers to sell it to junk shops for some money.

The actor-model also had experiences of collecting plastic trash from a dumpsite, selling ice buko, selling fish in the market, and being a “jeepney barker”. He also experienced being a seller of pizza and a driver.

Echo stressed that he was really determined to get his family out of poverty and he had his dream always in front of him. He stressed that the “now” holds a lot of power for the future.

“They say dreams are only dreams and wishes will remain to be wishes but not until you do something about them. So keep dreaming, keep hoping and keep moving,” he stated in his post.

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