Young Lady Gives Her Father’s Chickens To Poor People Amid ECQ

This young lady has done a good deed amid crisis

A young lady shared that she decided to give her father’s cockfighting chickens to poor people amid the enhanced community quarantine.

Nichole Evangelista shared on her YouTube channel a new challenge for all the children with fathers who love cockfighting. “Gusto ko pong ichachallenge ang lahat ng tao na may ama na magsasabong,” she said.

young lady gives away chicken
📷: Nichole Evangelista YT

She said that it is better to give away the chickens to poor people who have nothing to eat during the crisis. “Kasi sayang po naman kung nandito lang ang mga manok tapos hindi naman ipaglalaban, di ba?” she explained.

Nichole added that instead of continuing feeding the chickens, it is better that they will become a meal for other people. However, she said that she will not take all the chickens because her father might cry if he will know about it. And for that, she said sorry to her dad.

📷: Nichole Evangelista YT

On the latter part of her vlog, she showed that they really gave away the chickens together with relief goods. Nichole even joked as she showed a photo of their relief operation. “Papa, surprise hahaha,” she wrote.

The young lady also shared this inspiring lines: “When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.” She also encouraged others to spread love as every day is a new opportunity to do good things.

young lady gives away chickens
📷: Nichole Evangelista YT

Nichole also shared a clip showing how thankful were the people who received the chickens. However, she wrote, “Papa your chickens (laugh emoji). Sorry pa, but they need our help!! Love you papa (flying kiss emojis).”

Before the vlog ended, Nichole shared a message for her father. She said that she hopes her father will understand what she did regarding his chickens but helping in this trying time is the most needed thing to do.

📷: Nichole Evangelista YT

The young lady also said, “see you soon and stay safe there!!”. She included a flag of Italy.

Watch the video.

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