Saudi Arabia Removes Death Penalty for Crimes Committed by Minors

Death Penalty for Crimes Committed by Minors Abolished by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia abolished the death penalty for minors who committed crimes as it received negative feedback over its human rights records.

Human Rights Commission president Awwad Alawwad announced that they will remove the death penalty for the crimes committed by minors. The declaration has been made to spare the six minors who are now on the death row.

The six individuals from the minority Shiite community were accused of being involved in anti-government protests. The accused allegedly committed the crime when they were under the age of 18 years old.

Saudi Arabia

The statemen also proposed that the culprits who committed crimes while they were minors would be penalized by 10-year imprisonment in a juvenile detention facility instead of death penalty.

“Instead, the individual will receive a prison sentence of no longer than 10 years in a juvenile detention facility, the decree helps us in establishing a more modern penal code,” the statement said.

In 2019, around 187 people have been executed for heinous crimes such as rape, homicide, armed robbery, drug trafficking, and terrorism. It is the highest death rate since 1995 wherein 195 have been executed, according to the official data.

Saudi Arabia

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