Frontliner Daughter Wears Improvised PPE to Greet and Hug Her Police Dad

Daughter Wears Improvised PPE to Greet Her Frontliner Dad on its Birthday

FRONTLINER DAUGHTER – daughter of the frontliner police wears improvised personal protective equipment to greet her dad on its birthday.

Frontliner Daughter
Image Source: Facebook

Doctors, nurses, security guards, cops, and soldiers are considered as frontliners of this 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic. Due to their duties they often see their families and they are being cautious to go home to prevent the spread of virus.

Recently, a mother named Joly Marie Garces Masa shared an heart-melting event of her love ones. In Masa’s Facebook post, her daughter can be seen wearing an improvised personal protective equipment (PPE) made of plastic.

Frontliner Daughter
Image Source: Facebook

This way, her daughter is able to come closer to her police dad. According to her post, the child endured the heat of the suit because it wanted the greet and hug her father on its birthday.

With a cake and the letter she wrote last night, she approached her father to give to him as her present. In light of this, Masa said the father and daughter moment only took three minutes because of precautionary measures.

Masa also plea to netizens to stay at home so these frontliners can go home to their kids and families who are waiting for them for a long time to arrive.

“Please stay at home, so that these frontliners can go home to their kids waiting every single day for them to arrive. Please stay at home so that you can save the frontliners’ lives at stake. Please stay at home for the kids to hug their parents once again. Please stay at home because these frontliners missed their families so much,” she said on the post.

Meanwhile, lots of netizens were touched by the viral video of the child who wore a improvise PPE just to greet her father she never seen for a long time. 

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