Pateros Mayor Earns Praises Online For Giving Plenty of Relief Goods to Residents

Pateros Mayor Goes Viral For His Unique Way of Distributing Relief Goods to Residents

RELIEF GOODS – Pateros Mayor garnered praises from the online community for giving plenty of relief goods to the residents.

The local government units have been very busy over the past few days implementing precautionary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. Local officials were already distributing relief goods to their constituents.

However, some residents are expressing their disappointment towards local government units for not receiving relief goods. Some of them are accusing volunteers and other officials of reducing the food packs.

Pateros Mayor

A Facebook user named Nolram M Oiprac has shared the photos of relief goods given by Mayor Miguel F. Ponce III of the municipality of Pateros. The photos garnered various reactions from the online community.

Oiprac said that the pack of relief goods contains a paper stating the content of the bag. He also said that this method is very effective to prevent barangay officials and volunteers from reducing the food pack’s content.

Pateros Mayor

The photos show that the mayor is giving six kilograms of rice, six cans of sardines, four cans of corned beef, 12 packs of noodles, 20 coffee twin packs, four cans of meatloaf to the residents of Pateros.

Pateros Mayor

Here is the full post:

I challenge all the mayor of the Philippines can you do this as the mayor of Pateros did? This method is to avoid being reduced by the captain or any volunteers who are going to give food packs to your blockage brgy… I salute the MAYOR who have this way and should be emulated….

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Pateros Mayor

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