Doctor Dies Due To COVID-19, Over 600 Healthcare Workers Infected

Over 600 Medical Staff Infected W/ COVID-19 After Doctor Died

DOCTOR – One (1) doctor died due to 2019 novel coronavirus and more than 600 medical workers have been infected.

Frontline healthcare professionals fighting the coronavirus rely on personal protective equipment to protect themselves from getting infected. Healthcare providers are risking their lives just to save COVID-19 patients.

The deadly virus from Wuhan City, China has caused the death of thousands of people and infected hundreds of thousands of people in 172 countries. Health authorities and governments have taken drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus. A Chinese doctor tried to warn the public about it but he eventually died of it.

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Recently, a Turkish doctor died due to coronavirus and more than 600 of his colleagues had fallen sick. Based on a report from Eaglenews, Health Minister Farettin Koca announced the terrible news. He said the death of the doctor worsen the situation.

“The number of our doctor friends, nurses or other healthcare personnel affected by the novel coronavirus is high. This figure, which I reluctantly announce, is 601,” he said.

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According to the report, the son of the doctor who helps fight the coronavirus disease passed away on Wednesday, April 1. He was the first known death of COVID-19 in Turkey.

Farettin Koca disclosed tat 2,148 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 and 63 people died in the past 24 hours. Their country has recorded a total of 15,679 cases.

Healthcare workers should wear protective gear while treating coronavirus patients. Transmission occurs when contaminated hands touch the nose, eyes, and mouth.

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