Generous Lola Gives Sari-Sari Store Products to Residents Who Haven’t Receive Relief Goods

Inspiring Photos of Generous Lola Giving Her Own Sari-Sari Store Products to Less=Fortunate Residents Goes Viral

A generous lola gives her own sari-sari store products to the less-fortunate residents who haven’t receive relief goods.

Over the past few weeks, the Philippine government has been very busy implementing precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. The local government units and private organizations are already distributing relief goods to poor residents.

However, there are some residents who were not able to receive food supplies and other basic commodities given by the local government units. Those people need to wait for another batch of relief goods.

Generous Lola

Recently, a Facebook user named Marites Edroso has shared the photos of a generous grandma who gave her own sari-sari store products to the poor residents who haven’t receive relief goods.

The kind-hearted lola has been identified as Evelina “Belina” Torres of Brgy. San Isidro in Cainta, Rizal. She decided to give the relief goods to the residents who can’t go to their work due to the enhanced community quarantine.

Generous Lola

Edroso said that the municipality gave relief goods a few hours after Lola Belina gave her products.

Generous Lola

Here is the full post:

Nagsara na ng tindahan si Nanay Belina, walang natatanggap na relief goods ang street namin, kaya sya na lang daw ang magkakawang gawa. Kaya yung mga tinda nya pinamimigay na lang nya sa mga mas nangangailangan.

P.S. Hours after may dumating naman po relief goods from munisipyo. Mejo nauna lang si nanay mamigay ng kanyang munting pa-relief 😊❤

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Generous Lola

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