Bloom of Jellyfish Swarmed at Portion of El Nido Palawan Waters (Video)

Bloom of Jellyfish Spotted Swarming at Portion of Palawan Waters

Video footage of bloom of jellyfish spotted swarming in the waters of El Nido, Palawan and the sighting is a little too stunning.

Bloom of Jellyfish
Image captured from the video

Recently, photos and video of the occurrence of jellyfish were shared by netizens on social media. Video shows a huge portion of the waters in El Nido where dozens of jellyfish converging.

According to the report of Manila Bulletin, the species were identified as Crambione cf. Mastigophora or commonly known as tomato jellyfish or locally called as “labong-labong.”

Bloom of Jellyfish
Image captured from the video

Co-founder and chief investigator of the Philippine Jellyfish Stings Project, Sheldon Rey Boco, revealed in an interview that the emergence of jellyfish in Palawan waters “has followed a pattern of natural oscillation” that scientists have tried to study.

“There are years when blooms or populations of a jellyfish are high and there are also years when they are few or even almost absent,” Boco said. “We, jellyfish scientists, also don’t know if climate change, ocean acidification, nutrient enrichment can affect jellyfish populations and the frequency and size of jellyfish blooms.”

Boco stated in the report that jellyfish have ecological benefits, are edible, and are important to fisheries. More tests and research should be conducted to draw conclusions about the phenomenon and correct the illusion that climate change is caused by the sudden emergence of jellyfish.

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