Jollibee Offers Ready-To-Cook Food Items Amid Quarantine

For A Limited Time, Jollibee Offers Its Ready-To-Cook Food As The Country Goes Into Quarantine

JOLLIBEE OFFERS READY-TO-COOK FOOD – Amid the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Jollibee has a limited offer you are going to love!

As stores are mandated to shut down due to the ECQ, Jollibee offered their loyal customers its ready-to-cook food items. Now, you could go cook your favorite Jollibee meals at home.

Due to the quarantine, only essential businesses such as pharmacies and groceries are allowed to open. This caused food chains like Jollibee to eventually shut down.

But, before doing so, the food chain has offered its menu to be cooked in the comforts of your own home. Now, the question is “Is this legit?” The answer is Yes!

Jollibee themselves replied to a post on Twitter that showed the food items being sold per pack!

Jollibee Offers Ready-To-Cook Food Items Amid Quarantine
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We are doing this so we can offer you more food options for your convenience during this time. We are having this as a limited time offer while supplies last.

However, there are some netizens who noted that their local stores do not have this offer.

People are calling for answers online and asking for a specific list of stores where the offer is available. But, we personally called some Jollibee branches and got an insight into the offer.

On March 19, Jollibee posted on their official Twitter account that they are closing some of their stores as a result of the community quarantine.

As such, when we called a branch, they said that stores that are offering the ready-to-cook items would likely be those who are close to shutting down.

So If you want to get your hands on a box of Tuna Pie, you may have some work to do in finding out where they actually offer this. Jollibee merely stated:

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