Political Socialization – What Is Political Socialization?

Answers To The Question: What Is Political Socialization?

POLITICAL SOCIALIZATION – Politics could be traced back to the earliest civilizations, governments, and is a foundation of order.

As such, it is important for us to learn about politics for it shapes our view in the socio-economic landscapes of our communities.-

In this article, we are going to learn about political socialization. According to Wikipedia, it is the internalization of a political lens and how individuals frame their perceptions of power.

Political Socialization - What Is Political Socialization?
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In turn, this shapes a person’s view on who they are, their stand on issues (or lack thereof) and defines their behavior in the political and economic landscapes.

AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION – There are 6 agents of socialization which starts at the most basic fundamental of society – family.

  • Family
    • As you grow up, the families you live with highly influences your political and ideological views.
  • Schools
    • The majority of the population would have experienced a form of education. As such, politics is being taught at an early age.
  • Media
    • As a source of political information, it could also influence an individual’s political beliefs
  • Religion
    • Although most democratic catholic countries separate the church and state, the church still holds heavy influence on the political landscape
  • Political Parties
    • Political parties have very little direct influence on a child due to a contrast of social factors such as age, context, power, etc.
  • The State
    • A key source of information for media outlets. However, it could inform, misinform, or disinform the public through the press.

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