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Here are the best Netflix Romantic Films

Netflix Best Romantic Films – Here are the best romantic films you can binge-watch on the streaming service.

Movies have different effects on different types of persons. For some, it is a form of entertainment, an escape from reality to a dreamy world of happy endings. On the other hand, for some the beauty of filmmaking and how the craft is done are reasons enough to be a movie lover.

netflix best romantic movies
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For those who call themselves romantic, hopeless romantic, or simply in love with the thought of being in love, here are some of the romantic films you can binge-watch on Netflix, based on Esquire.

As Good As It Gets

This is about an obsessive-compulsive author who learns the true value of love and compassion from his single mother and gay neighbors.

Blue Valentine

The film is about a couple who is trapped in their strained marriage. However, amid their relationship struggles, they were able to reminisce about their happy times together.

God’s Own Country

The life of a sheep farmer turned topsy-turvy when he met a girl who his father hired as a worker.

Mansfield Park

This movie was adapted from Jane Austen’s novel about a girl who grew up poor and had to live with her uncle at the age of 10. She was able to witness how a couple is living and she learned about romance and how she wants to be treated.

Obvious Child

At the beginning of the story, you could see the classic set up – boy meets girl. Then, a not so classic – boy gets girl pregnant. However, the next thing that happened is worth watching.

One Day

In this movie, friends Emma and Dexter meet every year on the same day in July but there is something more than the friendship they share with each other.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

A slacker musician found a jackpot with his girlfriend but he must her seven exes in a battle – video game-inspired fashion.

Set It Up

Two corporate assistants decided to play match-makers fro their bosses. However, they also fell in love with each other.

She’s Gotta Have It

This is a black-and-white film about a woman in Brooklyn who deals with her three potential boyfriends.

The Incredible Jessica James

The story in this movie is about a New York playwright who is dating a single older guy after her breakup.

The Kissing Booth

A not-so-popular school girl decided to run the kissing booth at the carnival in their school. This gave way for her to have that moment with her crush.

The Spectacular Now

Do you believe in “opposite attracts”? This movie depicts this kind of love situation.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

A girl wrote 5 letters fro her childhood crushes but did not actually send them. However, one day, the letters found their owners. Now, it has a sequel P.S. I Love You.

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