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Local Media Reveals How Chinese Scientists Destroys Evidence Of Mystery Virus

CHINESE SCIENTISTS DESTROYS EVIDENCE – Back in late December, we could recall that a “mystery” virus was anew.

Chinese Scientists Destroys Evidence Of COVID-19 In December
Image from: Taas

In the following weeks, that virus took on different names, Wuhan Virus, nCov, and now, COVID-19. However, a Chinese media outlet revealed how the government ordered scientists to stop tests and destroy samples of the now pandemic level pathogen.

According to an article from The Times UK, Caixin Global, a respected media outlet in China, revealed evidence of a large-scale cover-up. But, censors have been rapidly removing the report from the Chinese internet.

Ever since the outbreak began, China received criticized for censoring information regarding the virus. The most notable of which was the silencing of whistleblower doctor, Li Wenliang.

Local Media Reveals How Chinese Scientists Destroys Evidence Of Mystery Virus
Image from: Li Wenliang

Sadly, following his battle for the truth, he faced another battle – surviving the virus he had warned about. Unfortunately, he lost that battle but rallied thousands of supporters.

Since then, the number of citizen reporters from China spiked. Videos from that revealed what was really happening within China were being uploaded online.

But, China’s internet watchdogs were relentless in censoring information. This was also the case for Caixin Global. As per the report, a regional health official in Wuhan demanded the destruction of the lab samples that caused the unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1.

Additionally, China did not acknowledge there was human-to-human transmission until about three weeks after.

Caixin Global, a respected independent publication gave the clearest evidence of China’s cover-up in what expert virologist call “the golden period” of containing the virus.

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