Jollibee Mascot Spotted Begging Customer to Drive-Thru in Their Store

Jollibee Mascot Spotted Begging Customer Goes Viral

Video footage of Jollibee mascot spotted begging to the customer to the drive-thru in their store instead of the competitor’s store went viral on social media.

Jollibee Mascot Spotted
Image captured from the video

Most Filipino love to see the adorable Jollibee mascot, which has symbolized one of the most popular fast-food chains in the country. Kids also love to play with the mascot and to take selfie and pictures as well.

This prompted the iconic bee of the Pinoy fast-food chain, also informally called Jabee by the locals, to fill in their roles instead, this time he is striving to gain more customers as the country is under quarantined.

Jollibee Mascot Spotted
Image captured from the video

Recently, a Facebook page named Repost shared video footage of Jollibee mascot begging a customer and stopping them from entering their competitor’s store the McDonald’s.

In the video, Jollibee was seen begging and convincing the customer who is riding a blue car to the drive-thru in their store instead of McDonald’s. After long convincing, Jollibee decided to hold and tries to pull them back out of the drive-thru entrance of MD.

After minutes of convincing and begging the bee failed as he kneels down to the ground while the customer pursues to the drive-thru in MD. The owner of the video can be heard laughing in the video as the bee feel disappointed of himself.

The video has gone viral on social media. It reached almost 520k view, 13k reactions – mostly ‘haha’ reaction – and 12k shares. Netizens also express their hilarious reactions toward the Jabee marketing strategy.

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