Brazil Official Positive For COVID-19 Met Trump Last Weekend

Brazil Official Who Met Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19

BRAZIL OFFICIAL POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 – Brazil’s ambassador to the U.S., Nestor Forester tested positive for the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Brazil Official Positive For COVID-19 Met Trump Last Weekend
Image from: BPR

According to a report from BNO Newsroom, the official who tested positive for COVID-19 met with US President Donald Trump last week. Following this, Trump said he would probably get tested for the disease soon.

However, Trump currently had no symptoms of the virus. Meanwhile, reports also suggested that Brazil’s President Jair Bolsarno was also exposed to the virus. But, he later confirmed that the test came bag negative.

Recently, Trump declared a National Emergency in the US due to the coronavirus outbreak. Based on reports from Worldometer, the US has over 2,200 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Along with this, the death toll for the virus in the US had increased to more than 592.

The U.S. President conveyed his hope to get 1.4 million tests next week. Also, the country may expect five (5) million tests within a month.

The COVID-19 outbreak had affected millions of people worldwide. Across the globe, governments struggle to contain the new coronavirus. As such, economies have been paralyzed, much like in Italy, and countries are in disarray.

Currently, the deadly virus has affected over 145,638 people worldwide. Moreover, the virus caused the death of more than 5,423 individuals. However, 71,169 have recovered from COVID-19.

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