Dandansoy: Lyrics Of Filipino Folk Song “Dandansoy”

Lyrics To Filipino Folk Song “Dandansoy”

DANDANSOY – This classic Filipino folk song became popular in the Visayas, particularly in Panay.

The Filipinos have a very rich culture – from the traditional feasts, myths, dances to songs, and a lot more. These things that are part of the tradition are kept alive by the word of mouth. They are passed on from generation to generation by simply sharing about them or a continuous practice.

When it comes to songs, there are a lot of Filipino folk songs and most cities and provinces across the nation have their very own folk song. Some of them have been part of the discussions in schools as part of the educational curriculum.

One of the most popular folk songs is “Dandansoy” which is famous in Panay. There is also a captivating story behind this song.

Dandansoy: Lyrics Of Filipino Folk Song "Dandansoy"

The song is also written in Hiligaynon.

Here are the lyrics:

Dandansoy, bayaan ta icao
Pauli aco sa Payao
Ugaling con icao hidlauon
Ang Payaw imo lang lantauon

Dandansoy, con imo apason
Bisan tubig di magbalon
Ugaling con icao uhauon
Sa dalan magbobonbobon.

Convento, diin ang cura?
Municipio, diin justicia?
Yari si dansoy maqueja.
Maqueja sa paghigugma

Ang panyo mo cag panyo co
Dala diri cay tambijon co
Ugaling con magcasilo
Bana ta icao, asawa mo aco.

The song entails how Dandansoy’s lover tells him goodbye as she goes back home to the “Payaw”. However, she is giving Dandansoy a chance to prove his love.

In the second line, Dandansoy is being warned that if he would chase after the girl, he shouldn’t bring water. This is because if he gets thirsty, there’s already a well where he could drink from.

In the third line, Dandansoy asked where the Kura (Priest) and the Kumbento (Convent) is, and asked where the city Municipal office is because he wants to file a case of love.

In the last line, the singer is telling Dandansoy to bring his handkerchief to be compared. If it is the same, then it means that the Dandansoy is the girl’s husband.

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  1. Dandansoy is the music heritage of Culasi, Antique in Panay Island, The Philippines.

    CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) Encyclopedia for the Arts

    Philippine Music Horizons book published in 1920s

    Philippine Progressive Music book published in 1930s

  2. There is a Cebuano one of that which starts out so funny…dandansoy, inum tuba laloy and thats all I know 🙂 would you kindly send me that version pls ? This Hiligaynon version is too sad 🙂 My brother married a Hiligaynon lady 🙂 What a beautiful relationship they have 🙂 Thank You in advance


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