Fourth Passenger On Diamond Princess Dies In Japan From COVID-19

Fourth Passenger Aboard Japan Cruise Ship, Diamond Princess, Dies In Japan Due To Coronavirus

FOURTH PASSENGER ON DIAMOND PRINCESS – A fourth passenger from the Japan Cruise Ship, “Diamond Princess” had died due to the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Fourth Passenger On Diamond Princess Dies In Japan From COVID-19
Image from: New York Times

The Diamond Princess was quarantined for 14 days in an attempt to contain the virus while testing patients. However, the number of confirmed cases grew every day.

The Diamond Princess used to hold the highest number of confirmed cases outside of mainland China. However, that number has now been surpassed by South Korea.

The epicenter of the disease in Korea started in Daegu and was linked to a religious group called the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. Most of South Korea’s 833 cases are linked there.

Following this, the government had given themselves four weeks to contain the viral outbreak. If they fail to do so, they fear that COVID-19 could spread nationwide.

Meanwhile, the latest death outside of Mainland China would be a passenger from the “Diamond Princess”. According to a report from GMA, the passenger was in her 80s.

However, because of the handling of the situation aboard the cruise ship, Japan had been under fire. The cruise ship was operated by Carnival Corp and hundreds aboard it were infected.

Much like South Korea, Japan also has a growing number of confirmed patients with the new coronavirus. In lieu of this, the government said they would announce a set of measures to combat COVID-19.

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