Traffic Cops Charges Truck Drivers 1,000 Pesos to Cancel Violation Ticket

Traffic Cops Charges Truck Drivers 1,000 Pesos for Not to Issue Violation Ticket

Video footage of alleged extortion of traffic cops, where they charges truck drivers 1,000 pesos each for not to issue a violation ticket.

Traffic Cops Charges
Image captured from the video

Traffic enforcers are government employees hired to manage and control the flow of traffic along the road to avoid congestions and accidents. They were authorized to issue a violation ticket for the motorists who will be caught breaking the traffic rules and violations.

The law enforcers should perform their tasks and responsibilities properly in order to fulfill the goal of the government on implementing the traffic rules and regulations. However, there are still some government employees who were abusing their power.

Traffic Cops Charges
Image captured from the video

Recently on Facebook, Tulfo Brothers Supporters page shared a video where traffic cops allegedly extorting money from the truck drivers. According to Julius Balanon the owner of the video, enforcers allegedly asked them for money at the terminal of trucks.

Julius said on his post, enforcers confiscates all of their driver’s license and asked each them to give 1,000 pesos to cancel the issuing of the violation ticket. The netizen calls out justice to this anomalous activity of government officials who uses their power to extort money.

The video captured the attention of the netizens as it went viral on social media. Netizens express their elicited comments toward the abusive traffic enforcers.

Here are some of their reactions:

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