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Dictionary – About The Book Of Words And Its Parts

DICTIONARY – In this topi9c, we are going to know about the dictionary and the following parts and their meaning.

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Whenever you encounter a word that you are not familiar with, what do we use? Of course, a dictionary but what is it, exactly?


Basically, it is an alphabetical listing of words. It can be in the form of a huge book or an electronic resource. For each word listed, it gives the spelling, pronunciation, the part of speech, and the definition.

There are books that have mini-dictionaries that are called glossaries and are usually found at the end part of the book, of course, next to the references.


There are five parts in this source. you might not realize it by now but I’ve already mentioned them above, which explains why I’ve set them in boldface. Here are the following parts:

  • Entry Word
    • It is basically every word that is included in the list in alphabetical order.
  • Spelling
    • The correct spelling of each word is shown in boldface and is broken into syllables like, for example: “coy · o · te “.
  • Pronunciation
    • The correct way to pronounce the word. These are usually placed in parentheses like “( kīˌōt or kīˈōdē )”.
  • Parts of Speech
    • This tells the ways in which the word can work in a sentence. These are usually abbreviated, hence, here are the following examples:
      • n. – noun
      • v. – verb
      • adj. – adjective
      • adv. – adverb
      • conj. – conjunction
      • prep. – preposition
      • pro. – pronoun
      • interj. – interjection
  • Definition
    • It is a statement of the meaning of the word. There are cases that the word as more than one definition.

The entry would look like this:

coy · o · te ( kīˌōt or kīˈōdē ) n. 1. a small wolf of North America. 2. Amer. Ind. Legend, the culture hero and trickster of the American Indians of the West.

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