Students Plowed By Jeepney Crossing Pedestrian Lane In Makati (VIDEO)

Horrific Video Of Students Being Plowed By Speeding Jeepney In Makati

STUDENTS PLOWED BY JEEPNEY – A horrific incident befell students as they were crossing a pedestrian in Makati city Tuesday night.

Students Plowed By Jeepney Crossing Pedestrian Lane In Makati (VIDEO)
Image from: GMA

In the video, you could see that the traffic light signaled cars to stop so that the group of students could cross. There was even a traffic enforcer that led the group and signaled vehicles to stop.

There was one car that had already stopped. However, as the students were crossing, a speeding jeepney failed to stop and kept going, plowing through the group of students.

Bodies went flying as the jeepney finally went to a stop on the next block. People nearby were quick to help the students and called for medical help. However, the incident caused the death of one student while injuring 6 others.

As per the report, the Makati Traffic Bureau, the driver stated that he lost control of his vehicle. He was arrested and faces several charges.

The students that were injured were:

  • Donita De Chavez
  • Sherjen Arucan
  • Alvin Regalario
  • Wedel Ponce
  • Dexter Aquino
  • Andrei Nico Dela Cruz

The student that had died was Jules Villapando.

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