Man Films Corpses Of Coronavirus Victims In China Then Gets Arrested

Man Gets Raided By Police After He Films Corpses Of Coronavirus Patients

MAN FILMS CORANAVIRUS CORPSES – The outbreak of the new coronavirus strain that started in Wuhan has caused fears and panic throughout China.

The global death toll due to the virus had already reached 426 and had infected over 20,000 people. However, experts believe this number is a far cry from the actual number of infected and fatalities.

Some believe that the Chinese government is hiding the actual number of infected despite calls for transparency. Several reports have already been made about whistleblowers being silenced by authorities.

According to an article from the Los Angeles Times, a man from Wuhan China, Fang Bin, was taken by masked men in hazmats suits in the night out from his home and demanded to place him under quarantine.

This was following his filming of eight corpses of coronavirus victims within five minutes at public hospitals in Wuhan. After uploading the video, it got the attention of the authorities.

Man Films Corpses Of Coronavirus Victims In China Then Gets Arrested
Image from: Jennifer Zeng | Twitter

As per the article, One of the men that came to Fang’s home asked, “You went to such a dangerous place, couldn’t you have been infected?“. He continued and said that he could spread his sickness to others.

However, Fang grew suspicious as none of the men were actually doctors. He filmed the confrontation and emphasized that his temperature was normal and that the men could come back with an inspection warrant.

But instead, the men broke into Fang’s home and confiscated all of his electronic devices. Afterward, they took him not to a hospital, but to a police station.

There, Fang was questioned about the videos he posted online. This included one where he filmed the eight corpses seen outside public hospitals in Wuhan.

During a phone interview, Fang said none of the individuals that questioned him was a doctor. He stated that all of them were police.

According to Fang, the authorities had been accusing him of receiving money from foreign bodies to make online videos. Next, he was told to “stop posting rumors” that could spread “panic”.

In the video, you could see Fang go inside the hospital after filming the dead bodies. He saw a man sobbing and crying due to a family member just dying.

As the investigation into Fang was going on, a group of Chinese civil society activists who were associates of Fang went to his residential compound. They kept on shouting Fang’s name, however, there was no response.

The group panicked and began sharing videos of Fang’s confrontation with the police online. Their video went viral and had apparently reached the station. Afterward, the police questioners’ tone changed.

Following this, around 12:30 A.M., Fang was released with a warning. However, authorities kept his computer. As he returned home, he made another video thanking the activist and called for more to speak up about the true state of the virus.

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