Inaanak In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of “Inaanak”

What Is Inaanak In English? (Answers)

INAANAK IN ENGLISH – There are several Filipino words that do not have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context to fully translate them.

Inaanak In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Inaanak"

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Tagalog word “Inaanak” and its translation in English.

Inaanak could be directly translated to as a “Godchild”, “godson/goddaughter”.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a godchild is a child for whom a godparent is responsible for in terms of religious development.

In Tagalog, the godfather and godmothers are called “ninong” and “ninang” respectively.

Here is an example sentence:

  1. Ang aking pamangkin ay inaanak ko rin.

In English, this is translated as:

  1. My niece is also my godchild.

In the Filipino culture, the godparents (ninongs and ninangs) are expected to give presents or money to their godchild during Christmas day.

Having a ninong or a ninang could also be used to get an advantage in job applications if your ninong or ninang could pull some strings within the company.

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  1. yes po! karamihan naman po sa atin alam na ang “inaanak” means “godchild” but thats for inaanak sa binyag. tanong ko lang po kung ano naman po ang tawag sa english kapag “inaanak sa kasal”?


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