Elderly Woman Cries Because She Could Not Afford To Buy Face Mask

Heartbreaking Photos of Elderly Woman Crying Because She Could Not Afford To Buy Face Mask Elicit Comments Online

The heartbreaking photos of an elderly woman crying because she could not afford to buy a face mask goes viral on social media.

In China, the Chinese people are already experiencing fear and panic due to the rampant spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus. Many people have been already admitted to the hospital due to the disease.

The contagious virus affects thousands of people and continues to spread in different countries all around the world. The new disease has been the headlines of numerous international outlets.

The health authorities also advised the public to take precautionary measures and wear face masks to avoid being infected by the disease. However, the stock supply of face masks in pharmacies and drugstores are now running out.

Recently, a Facebook user named Kim An Ah has shared the photos of an elderly woman from China crying because she can’t buy a mask. The photos garnered various reactions from the online community.

Elderly Woman
Elderly Woman

The old lady can’t buy a mask because most of the stores had no masks while other shops are selling the items for higher prices. The grandma was just using the upper part of her jacket as a makeshift mask.

Elderly Woman

The old woman feared that she might be infected by the novel coronavirus. Other passengers took pity on her and a kind guy decided to give his extra mask to the woman.

Elderly Woman

Here is the full post:

This one old lady was seen crying because she couldn’t find any mask to wear on with cheaper price bc some mask sellers are greedy enough for selling out the masks at higher price than the normal. Fortunately, the man who saw her gave a mask for free.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the photos:

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