Horrifying Report Shows Chinese People Allegedly Eating Human Baby Soup

Chinese People Allegedly Eating Baby Soup, Horrifying Report Says

A horrifying report shows Chinese people were allegedly eating human baby soup to improve the body’s health and boost stamina.

A certain website received an email report confirming the speculations and rumors that Chinese people are cooking soup made of embryos, fetuses, and babies. The report is referring to the town of Canton in Guangdong Province, China.

The sender of the email sent several pictures of human babies and fetuses being made into a soup for human consumption. Chinese folks believe that baby herbal soup could boost their libido and enhance overall health.

The delicacy is reportedly made up of expensive herbs, which is used to boil the baby together with chicken meat for almost eight hours. The reporter said that a manager of a restaurant serving baby soup told him that the local code for the delicacy is “Spare rib soup”.

The infants who are close to being born but naturally die cost 2000 yuan while the aborted babies cost a few hundred. Restaurants allegedly purchase dead babies and placentas, which will be turned into a baby soup.

A local reporter was quoted after stating that China’s one-child policy is the root cause of these gruesome acts. Chinese also prefer to have male babies and most poor families usually end up selling their female babies.

However, there are still no further details and confirmation regarding the report. Just visit this page regularly for updates.

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