Ellen Adarna Shares Photos with Handsome Foreigner Guys

Here are the photos of Ellen Adarna with handsome foreigner guys

Actress Ellen Adarna shared on her Instagram account photos of her with handsome foreigner guys.

Ellen, as she is back on social media, has been sharing photos and videos of her travel in Europe. Previously, the geotag on her IG posts stated that she was in Spain. She also had her bonding moments with her family there.

Ellen Adarna
Photo courtesy of @maria.elena.adarna IG

In one of her posts in her Instagram story, she showed a photo of a guy but the face was covered. Just recently, the actress shared more photos of her adventure in the said country.

Just recently, Ellen shared photos of handsome foreigner guys on her IG account. It was not revealed if one of them was the guy whom face was covered in her IG story before.

In her post, she tagged the photos to the IG accounts of these guys. Based on the tags, one guy is named Carlos Lemus while the other is Juan Marco Botran. The IG accounts of the handsome foreigner guys are both in private.

ellen adarna
screenshot of Ellen’s IG post @maria.elena.adarna IG
screenshot of Ellen’s IG story @maria.elena.adarna

The post of the actress simply had this caption: “Central America in Madrid (laugh and heart emojis).” Juan Marco commented on this. “Come back soon,” he wrote. Then, Ellen Adarna replied with, “I will”.

Ellen adarna
screenshot of Juan Marco’s comment and Ellen’s reply / @maria.elena.adarna

The actress did not share any other information about the guys, aside from their names. However, based on the photos, she apparently enjoyed her vacation in Spain.

Meanwhile, it is not still clear to the public if Ellen is still together with John Lloyd Cruz. Allegations that they already broke up circulated last year. Photos of the them on separate occasions ignited the breakup rumors. The couple or ex-couple is yet to confirm this.

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