China Coronavirus Confirmed In Taiwan – Health Officials

Health Officials Confirms First Case Of China Coronavirus In Taiwan

CHINA CORONAVIRUS CONFIRMED IN TAIWAN – Health authorities from Taiwan reported its first confirmed case of the new SARS-like coronavirus from China.

China Coronavirus Confirmed In Taiwan - Health Officials
Image from: StraitsTimes

As the virus outbreak continued in China, health authorities are in a race to contain the virus. However, 300 people have already been infected in China with 6 fatalities.

Meanwhile, a Taiwanese woman in her fifties was confirmed to have the virus. Based on a report from ABS-CBN, the woman lived in Wuhan and returned to Taiwan on Monday.

She had symptoms of fever, coughing, and a sore throat. Afterward, the patient reported her symptoms to quarantine officials on arrival at Taoyuan airport.

She was then immediately taken to a hospital for treatment. But, as per the report, the woman stated she had not been in any local markets or had contact with birds or wild animals within Wuhan.

In lieu of this, authorities have begun to monitor about 46 passengers and crew on the same flight as the woman. Following this, the CDC raised its alert level on Wuhan to the highest.

This meant that the public is strongly urged not to travel to the city of Wuhan unless necessary.

We ask the public not to panic as the individual was taken to hospital directly from the airport and did not step into the community,

In the United States, the first case of the China coronavirus had also been confirmed. However, the man had entered the US prior to the airport screenings for the virus.

Because of this, the CDC is now tracing those who may have come in contact with the patient to see if the virus had spread. However, the CDC assured the public that the risk of spreading was low.

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