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Singkamas In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Singkamas"

Singkamas In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of “Singkamas”

What Is Singkamas In English? (Answers)

SINGKAMAS IN ENGLISH – This is one of the most popular root crops in the Philippines. It has a lot of health benefits and is abundant in the country.

Singkamas In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Singkamas"
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The singkamas is also included in one of the Philippines’ most popular children’s song “Bahay-Kubo”.

However, not a lot of people know what it’s called in English. In this article, we are going to know the answer to the question, “What Is Singakamas In English?

Singkamas is actually known as “Jicama“. It is a Spanish word that stems from “xicamtl” which is the Nahuatl word for it.

In English, it is sometimes referred to as the Mexican potato or the Mexican turnip. Its scientific name is Pachyrhizus erosus.

However, its the bulbous root of the plant that people associate with “Singkamas”. It is covered by a thin brown skin which could be easily removed with a sharp knife.

In some countries, Jicama is eaten raw. It’s accompanied by some flavoring salt, lemon juice, spices or eaten plain. It’s also a common ingredient in soups or stir-fried dishes.

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