James Reid Cheated Against Nadine Lustre? Fan Has These Posts

James Reid allegedly cheated against Nadine Lustre

A fan has these posts stating that James Reid allegedly cheated against his reel and real-life partner Nadine Lustre.

Early this month, rumors that allegedly James and Nadine already broke up surfaced on social media. Amid the issue, the actress denied a write up against her relationship with the actor.

nadine lustre james reid
Photo source: @insideshowbiz IG

Photos of them together surfaced on social media which somehow pacified the breakup rumors. Then, a source close to Nadine revealed that they already tied the knot in the US during the time they were doing their teleserye On the Wings of Love. This was not yet confirmed by the camp of the couple.

Several JaDine fans were delighted to hear about this as they have been anticipating the couple to get married. However, a fan has a different emotion about this. An Instagram account under the user name @eeney_meeney has these allegations against the actor.

The fan showed support to a tweet stating that James does not know how to be “loyal”. Several names of celebrities were also involved such as sister Issa and Yassi Pressman.

Apparently, the fan is also criticizing the members of the “squad” of James who are allegedly just using Nadine and her popularity. A netizen who appeared to be supporting the actress has this lengthy post. The said fan also accused James of rejecting projects with his girlfriend.

“If you no longer serve his purpose you are easily [discarded]. On to the next one who will give him more money and fame. He did it to Ericka before. [It’s] a pattern,” the fan said. Ericka Villongco was the ex-girlfriend of James Reid.

James Reid Nadine Lustre
screenshot of Nadine’s fan’s comment / @eeney_meeney

There were also posts showing that fans of Nadine Lustre are praying that she would soon wake up from the alleged “panloloko” of her boyfriend.

UPDATE: JaDine Breakup Confirmed! James Reid, Nadine Lustre’s Joint Statement


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