Saab Magalona Donates Excess Breast Milk To Taal Infant Evacuees

Saab Magalona Donates Breast Milk Stash For Taal Infant Evacuees

SAAB MAGALONA – Singer Saab Magalona donated her excess breast milk to the infant evacuees.

Following a previous article, the residents in Taal volcano said they are ready to leave the island for good. The second most active volcano in the Philippines erupted on Sunday, January 12.

Thousands of families and individuals were forced to leave their homes and abandon their animals due to the heavy ashfall. Some of the villagers went back to their homes to rescue horses and other farm animals.

Lots of people including the celebrities offered some help to the people affected by the Taal volcano eruption. Among them are Angel Locsin, Matteo Guidicelli, and Melai Cantiveros.

In a previous article, Heart Evangelista shared a few photos of herself comforting the dogs that were rescued from Taal. She urged the netizens to also help animals that were abandoned by their owners.  

Photo Source: @saabmagalona IG

Filipina singer-blogger Saab Magalona decided to donate her breastmilk stash for the babies of the evacuees in Batanes. On Wednesday, she retweeted the post of a netizen who was asking for “breastmilk stash” online for the infant of the evacuees.

“I have breastmilk but need help with sending to Batangas! Help!” she wrote.

In the comment section of Saab Magalona’s Tweet, several moms said they are also ready to donate their milk. A few hours later, the actress gave an update. She said someone has offered her some help to transport her milk to Batangas.

Photo Source: @saabmagalona Twitter

She gave birth to her second baby with Jim Bacarro. She’s the daughter of the later rapper Francis Magalona and sister of Maxene Magalona.

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