Motorcycle Thieves in Cavite Impersonate Policemen To Victimize

Motorcycle Thieves in Cavite Impersonate Policemen To Victimize

CAVITE – Police officers warned motorcycle riders in the province of Cavite against a group of thieves who pretends to be policemen to victimize.

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According to GMA, the motorcycle thieves pretend to be policemen in order to steal motorcycles to riders.

They added that they already found the hideout of the said thieves. However, as they reached the said hideout, only the stolen motorcycles and some IDs were found but not the suspects.

Reports show that the suspects’ modus is to impersonate a police officer to stop their target. They would attempt to hinder the victim then ask for their OR and CR (Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration).

As per the report, they reported that this is the modus of thieves who have been doing motorcycle heists in Bacoor and some other towns in the province.

The police clarified that they will always wear uniforms whenever they initiate a legitimate operation. They added that they will continue the operation to apprehend the suspects.

GMA posted this report in a video on YouTube. Here it is:

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