Pops Fernandez Reacts To Christmas w/ Martin Nievera & His Ex-Partner

Pops Fernandez, Martin Nievera, & His Ex-Partner Spend Christmas Together

POPS FERNANDEZ – The Concert Queen reacted to spending Christmas with her ex-husband, Martin Nievera, his ex-partner, and their children.

Undeniably, nowadays, there are a lot of “modern families” in the field of the Philippine entertainment industry. The said bond is a product of couples who are trying to have a good relationship even after the breakup. Most of the time, it is for the children.

One of the said modern families is the family of Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, and Katrina Ojeda. The Concert King have children with both women.

In 1986, Pops Fernandez married Martin Nievera. Both are among the most popular singers in the Philippine music industry. They have two (2) children – Ram Nievera and Robin Nievera.


However, Martin and Pop’s marriage led to separation. In 2003, the two (2) celebrities put an end to it. There were rumors that it is due to third party on the side of the Concert King.

Katrina Ojeda’s name was dragged in the issue. He was accused as the third party in the separation of Martin and Pops. It was not confirmed if she was really involved but, later on, the Concert King and Katrina were confirmed to be together.

Martin and Katrina had a son named Santino. However, their relationship also led to separation. Santino is close to his father’s ex-wife, Pops.


Last Christmas, Pops Fernandez, Martin Nievera, and his ex-partner, Katrina Ojeda, were together and as well as the children. They did it for Ram, Robin, and Santino.


Based on a report on Pep, Martin Nievera admitted that he was not so comfortable having Pops Fernandez and Katrina Ojeda in the same table but the kids get along well. He clarified that it was not “very forced”.

On the part of Pops, according to the Concert Queen, she wanted the boys to be together. She admitted that it was not normal but she’s happy that they made it work.

“For me kasi, I’m okay. I’m doing quite well. I’m blessed, of course, with my two boys. Parang nawala na talaga yung galit ko,” Pops said based on the report.

According to the Concert Queen, what really changed her perspective was when she met Santino. She described him as a “sweet kid” and it made her say that “everything has to be okay”.


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