Joey de Leon ‘sana masakyan kita’ Joke: Is This his Reply to Criticisms?

Is this the answer of Joey de Leon to criticisms on his ‘sana masakyan kita’ joke?

Henyo Master Joey de Leon received criticisms due to his ‘sana masakyan kita’ joke. Is this his reply to all the bashing?

Joey is known for his humor that is sometimes below the belt for some people because it has a double meaning. For several times, he was criticized because of this. However, supporters of the Eat Bulaga host are still ready to defend him no matter what bashing he receives on social media.

Just recently, another round of criticisms was thrown to Henyo Master. It is because he cracked a joke to the flight attendant contestant of EB’s segment ‘Bawal Judgemental’.

Joey de Leon
Photo courtesy of GMA

Joey said to the flight attendant, “sana masakyan kita balang araw”. Apparently, this did not sit well with many netizens. Because if this, criticisms poured on the comedian-host.

Just like the times that he received criticisms in the past, Joey de Leon would just shrug his shoulder. It is unlikely that he would address directly the bashing against him.

However, he seemed to have hinted his thoughts regarding the recent bashing that he received. A netizen in Twitter with account name @for__keeps posted this: “JOEY DE LEON (@AngPoetNyo) is now trending when some people overreacted and regarded his joke as ‘double-meaning’ when he was simply trying to be his usual funny/naughty self during the #BawalJudgmental segment earlier. Tsk.. tsk.. Some people nga naman...”

Joey liked this post. Is this his reaction or reply to those who are criticizing his recent controversial joke?

screenshot of the Twitter post that Joey liked / @for__keeps

Meanwhile, here are the comments of some netizens to the post that Joey liked.

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