Tear-Jerking Story of Employees Who Received Their Christmas Bonuses Goes Viral

Grateful Employees Who Received Their Christmas Bonuses Touched Netizens’ Hearts

CHRISTMAS BONUS – The tear-jerking story of happy employees who received their Christmas bonuses from their employer goes viral online.

Over the past few weeks, employees and workers from both public and private sectors happily received their 13th-month pay, Christmas bonuses, incentives, allowances, and under the table bonuses.

Unfortunately, some companies are not implementing the same payment rules and regulations. Several employers were not giving 13th-month pay but just paying the Christmas bonuses of their employees and vice versa.

Tear-Jerking Story

However, workers are still happy to receive such additional payments aside from their regular salary. They are also thankful that they received such an additional amount that they could use to celebrate the Christmas season.

Recently, a Facebook user named Vinia Buena has shared the tear-jerking story of some employees who were grateful and thankful to their employers after receiving their Christmas bonuses.

Buena posted the conversation of the employees while getting their Christmas bonus at an ATM machine. The workers are grateful although the amount they have received is not that big.

Tear-Jerking Story

Here is the full post:

Imbis na mabwisit ako dahil almost 30 minutes na ako naghihintay sa pila, natuwa ako habang naririnig ko sila:

“Tagal ko hinintay to pare, may pambili na bagong sapatos anak ko.”
“Uy nakakuha ako 2,000 dami namin mabibiling handa neto.”
“Bait ni boss binigyan tayo bonus.”
“Text ko pa nga misis ko gsto nun spaghetti sa pasko eh.”

Nakakatuwa lang kasi even they received small amount as their Christmas bonus, hindi sila nagreklamo, instead, inappreciate nila and inisip pa din na these are blessings. Unlike others, pag binigyan mo ng pandesal, gusto pa burger. Be grateful of what you have received. Hindi lahat nakakakuha ng kung anong meron ka ngayon. 😊

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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