CSC Urges Government Offices To Conduct Alcohol-Free Christmas Parties

Government Offices Reminded by CSC To Hold Alcohol-Free Christmas Parties

CHRISTMAS PARTIES – The Civil Service Commission is encouraging government offices to conduct simple and alcohol-free Christmas parties.

On Tuesday (December 17, 2019), CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada reminds the public servants to conduct simple parties only during this Yuletide Season without alcoholic beverages. Lizada also cited a 2011 CSC resolution prohibiting alcohol consumption within the office premises.

The CSC executive also explained that the resolution also prohibits government employees to drink alcoholic beverages during office hours in case that parties will be held during working hours.

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“Number 1, bawal ho yung mga alcohol within government offices, premises. So kahit na sa parking lot or yung mga nasa field offices. Exceptions lang po, kung may mga ceremonial toast,” Lizada said.

Lizada also encourages the public offices to keep the parties simple and ordinary since the Christmas party expenses usually come from the government fund. She said that the agency must allocate funds for parties in line with the Commission on Audit (COA) guidelines.

The government employee also said that government agencies are also prohibited to solicit raffle prizes because it is considered as a violation of Republic Act 3019.

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