Villar : “Kung Mahal Ang Galunggong, Ed Di Wag Kumain, Diba?”

Cynthia Villar Says If Galunggong Prices Are High, Don’t Eat It

CYNTHIA VILLAR – Recently, Senate Agriculture, Food and Agrarian Reform Committee chair Cynthia Villar has been criticized for her comments regarding issues in agriculture.

Cynthia Villar
Photo Courtesy of Manila Bulletin

This time, Villar made comments regarding the sudden price hike of the “poor man’s fish”, galunggong. The Senator said if the prices of galunggong are high, then simply don’t eat it.

Ako naman, eh kung mahal ang galunggong. Eh di wag kumain ng galunggong, diba

Cynthia Villar

Due to scarcity, galunggong has now been priced at P300 per kilo. This makes the fish even more expensive than pork or chicken.

Villar : "Kung Mahal Ang Galunggong, Ed Di Wag Kumain, Diba?"
Image from: Philstar

With this, the Senator emphasized that there are other alternatives that the people could do. She added: “Bakit ba Gustong-gusto niyo ‘yung galunggong kung mahal ang galunggong?“.

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, the Senator turned down a proposal to import the fish to address its high demand. She then questioned why the people are so obsessed with galunggong.

Gustong gusto nila magimport, may naglalakad pa sa akin na bigyan daw sila ng import permit sa galunggong. Bakit ba patay na patay tayo?

Cynthia Villar

In addition, she added that if the prices of galunggong are high, then simply don’t eat galunggong. Villar then advised families who cannot afford it to shift to vegetables instead.

The Senator explained that families should shift to vegetables instead because they’re cheaper and healthier. She then noted that it would benefit malnourished children.

“Kumain ng other means which are cheaper and available. Dami daming choices bakit ba iniinsist yan?“, said the Senator.

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