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Authorities Arrested Paramedic for Allegedly Stealing Baby To Give To Her Childless Aunt

PARAMEDIC – Authorities arrested the paramedic who allegedly stole a baby to give to her childless aunt.

There are lots of couples who are unable to conceive a baby even if they have consulted a doctor about it. That’s the reason why some of them decide to adopt a child from a foster home or adopt their relative’s child.

However, there are some people who would do everything just to have a child. Recently, a female paramedic in Pakistan felt pity for her aunt who has no child so she decided to steal somebody’s baby at the hospital where she works.

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Based on a report from BBC, the healthcare specialist and her aunt were arrested after they allegedly stole the new-born baby. On Wednesday, December 4, Mother Jamila Bibi gave birth to twin baby girls. The family was initially unaware of one of the babies’ disappearance because no one revealed that she delivered twins.

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According to the report, after Jamila Bibi delivered the babies successfully, the staff told her family to take her home as she was doing fine. However, she remained semi-unconscious for a couple of days.

When Bibi gained regained consciousness, she asked her brother-in-law where “the other girl was.” The baby she brought home died.

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Jamila’s family was shocked after she revealed that she gave birth to twins. The man who took the mother to the hospital, Abdul Hamid, filed a complaint said the head of Loralai police station, Jahangir Shah.

“After Abdul Hamid filed a police complaint, we arrested the female paramedic who was on duty at the delivery room that night, and she led us straight to where the baby was.”

“She had been helped by two other colleagues to smuggle the baby out of hospital and give it to her aunt who was married 17 years but was still without a child. The nurse told us her aunt had been badly wanting to adopt a baby,” Shah added.

Photo Source: BBC

Based on the report, the authorities arrested the 4 women while Bibi has reunited with her unnamed baby girl.

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