Raffy Tulfo: “Mayabang na Doktor” In Viral Road Rage Faces LTO

“Mayabang na Doktor” of Raffy Tulfo program from viral road rage faces LTO.

RAFFY TULFO – Viral surgeon in road rage Dr. Tomas Mendez faces LTO after controversy was reported to program Raffy Tulfo In Action.

“Ang dumi dumi mo!” and all the curses – These were all recorded as proof evidence as to how a certain surgeon Doctor Tomas Mendez has badly treated and bad-mouthed a fellow driver which put social media in rage and for the issue to reach the program Raffy Tulfo in action.

Raffy Tulfo

Now, an investigation was made and proper authorities are taking action to this matter. In December 5, the doctor and his lawyers faced LTO over the road rage but refused to give his statement about the issue. Chief Roberto Valera, Deputy Director, Law Enforcement Services, LTO, informed the staff and the victim, “They opted for submission na lang of documents. Wala namang problema yan kasi like for example, si Sir will be our witness, LTO will be the complainant.”

Both parties are required to give their statements, thus, a resolution will come after.

Watch the full content below:

Read some of the comments from the posted video:

Tugs Tugs: The most important thing is to examine himself, after all he is a doctor per se.

Aileen Freiburg: Revoke his license. Nakakatakot yang doctor na yan. I can only imagine how he probably treat the nurses he works with.

Zya Balsicas: This is so far the most exciting episode i ever watched… sinubaybayan at ina abangan ng lahat… Tnx idol👍👍👍


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