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2-Month-Old Baby Nearly Loses Toes Due To Hair Tourniquet

A 2-month-old baby almost loses his toes due to a single strand of mom’s hair that cuts off his circulation for about 12 to 14 hours.

Most parents are very meticulous and extra careful when it comes to taking care of their beloved babies. Guardians usually ensure that their baby has enough milk and a comfortable place for rest.

However, there are some instances wherein parents could not supervise their babies when attending some important matters. Infants usually scream and cry whenever they are uncomfortable with something.

2-Month-Old Baby

Recently, a British mother identified as Alex Upton faced a dilemma after her baby boy named Ezra wouldn’t stop screaming. Upton eventually found out that a single strand of her hair was wrapped around the toes of Ezra.

The strand of hair on the baby’s toes cut off the blood circulation for about 12 to 14 hours leaving the foot red and swollen. The hair tourniquet nearly caused four of the baby’s toes to be amputated.

2-Month-Old Baby

“I’ll certainly be checking everything for hair from now on. I felt awful. I just can’t believe midwives or doctors don’t warn you of the risk when you have a baby,” the 26-year-old mom said.

2-Month-Old Baby

“I feared Ezra might lose some of his toes and he could easily have needed (to have them removed) if I hadn’t noticed the hair then,” Upton added.

The doctors needed around 15 minutes to successfully remove the hair tourniquet, which was tightly-wrapped around the infant’s toe. Parents should always ensure that their babies are wearing socks to avoid hair tourniquet.

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