Other Talents of Doctor in Viral Road Rage Exposed Online

Other Talents of Doctor in Viral Road Rage Exposed Online

VIRAL ROAD RAGE – The other talents of the doctor Tomas Mendez in viral road rage incident have been exposed to social media.

Previously, the video footage of an intense road rage incident between a doctor and government personnel immediately spread like a wildfire online. The traffic altercation garnered various reactions online.

The doctor identified as Tomas Joaquin Mendez cursed and bad-mouthed the government worker inside the vehicle. Mendez is an otolaryngologist and a former ENT resident trainee at the St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Viral Road Rage

The furious driver garnered negative comments from the online community because of his actions towards the government employee.

Viral Road Rage

Recently, a Facebook user named Fran Rusti revealed that Tomas Mendez has impressive entertaining skills such as singing and acting. The two videos show the talent of Mendez is singing and acting.

Here is the full post:

“Isang aktor din pala to si doc Tomas Mendez😂Potek ang daming talent pala!Ikaw panonoorin mo ba yung movie Niya?🤮hindi pinalad na maging artista kaya nag doctor🧐tapos ngayon hindi nanaman siya pinalad sa pagiging doctor so ano ang next?😬
Nag singer din siya 👉🏻”

“Doc Tomas Mendez nag artista, Doctor at singer din pala🧐ano kaya ang next?gusto ko mag request ng Song sa kanya yung neneng B gawing papparoti version😬kaya pala malakas siya sumigaw ky tatay🧐”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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