Raffy Tulfo Takes Action About Viral Doctor In Road Rage, Here’s What He Did

Viral Doctor in road rage lambasted in Raffy Tulfo program.

RAFFY TULFO – The controversial doctor in a viral road rage that have recently emerged online got lambasted in the Raffy Tulfo program.

Unjust vexation, child abuse, termination of PRC license, termination of driver’s license – These are the things Raffy Tulfo would like to push through as legal consequence for the doctor in a viral road rage. According to a previous article, he was identified as Tomas Joaquin Mendez. He is a professional surgeon of a certain hospital.

Raffy Tulfo

In the video that have emerged he was badmouthing and shouting at the driver he is talking to in the presence of young children which is why Child Abuse gets in the issue. The violence of the doctor has ignited fury to Tulfo. In his program, he even consulted some professionals about the cases he wanted to happen against the medical professional.

Also, what the doctor has done to the family sparked online community’s rage. The involved driver expressed, “Sana maturuan ng leksyon iyong lalaking yun kasi iba talaga yung ugali. Iba yung nasa isip.”

Watch the full video below:

And here are some of the comments from the posted video:

Justine Hernandez: That’s why not all the professionals have their own “professional” attitude. Such a shame, dotor. 👎

Rizza Masangkay: Nku idol bka may mg rally nmang mga Doctors pg pinatanggalan ng lisensys yan😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Carljustine Ibay: Oh my goodness😂 after I watched that viral video on fb, Na predict kona mapapa tulfo to eh


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