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Makati City Places Top 6 In World Smart City Awards

MAKATI CITY – Progress and development integrated with technology, that is what a Smart City thrives to become, and this is shown by the City of Makati.

Makati City Top 6 In World Smart City Award - Philnews
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Makati was among six out of 450 cities in the entire world that received a Smart City award. Also, It is the only Southeast Asian city to receive the recognition for integrating technology with delivering government services.

During the World Smart City Awards 2019, Makati Presented how it used technology to prepare for disasters. Along with this, it showcased how it improved communication between the local government and the city residents.

The urbanized city shared the prestigious award with five other cities that included:

  • Barcelona from Spain
  • Bonn from Germany
  • Pretoria from South Africa
  • Duba from the United Arab Emirates
  • Bishkek from Krygztan
  • Vadodara from India

During the event, Mayor Abby Binay showcased the “Makatizen App”. This is a tool developed to get residents of the city easy and convenient access for assistance.

Based on an article from Philstar, ever since the app was launched in 2017, Makati’s central command center reported having received an average of 400 incidents per day.

This was higher than their previous statistics that showed merely 150 calls. Adding to this, the mayor also showed their plan for the city’s 10-kilometer underground subway system plan.

The train system would be funded by private firms in collaboration with the city government. This project is then expected to be completed by 2025.

The city aimed to ease traffic congestion and pollution with this project. Along with this, it also targets to reduce pollution and increase mobility for residents.

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