Dog Owner Dies After Getting Deadly Infection From Pet Dog’s Saliva

Dog Owner Dies After Contracting Rare Infection From Pet Dog’s Saliva

DOG OWNER DIES – An unnamed 63-year-old man was completely healthy before he getting a rare disease from his dog’s saliva.

The man was admitted to the hospital for two weeks due to a number of different conditions caused by the infection. These included gangrene, pneumonia, and extremely high fever.

According to reports, the man was infected with Capnocytophaga canimorsus. This infection was transmitted from his dog.

Dog Owner Dies After Getting Deadly Infection From Pet Dog's Saliva
Image from: The Mirror

It is a bacteria that is normally transferred by bites, with a simple lick of the skin. Based on an article from Unilad, the man was first admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms like fever and heavy breathing.

However, as he was getting medical treatment, he already had severe sepsis. This then caused him to go into intensive care and left him fighting for his life.

During his first four days in the hospital, the man’s condition continued to worsen. It started off with a rash on his face and was followed by nerve pain and bruises on his leg.

Afterward, the man’s kidney and liver started to shut down. Following this, his blood started clotting and his skin started to rot away.

Ultimately, this led to a cardiac arrest. Although, he was resuscitated after his heart stopped and was put onto life support.

Usually, the infection is transmitted via bites. This left the doctors surprised to find out that it was transmitted via licking alone.

Following this cardiac arrest, the man’s condition began to get worse. He developed a fungal infection in his lung that led to pneumonia and had blisters over his entire body.

Doctors then scanned his brain and revealed a massive build-up of fluid that caused permanent damage. After 16 days in the hospital, his family took him out of life support and he passed away.

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