Lady Resident Slams Irresponsible Call Center Agents for Littering Along Sidewalk

Lady Resident Expresses Disappointment Towards Call Center Agents After Littering

A lady resident expressed her fury towards irresponsible call center agents after littering along the sidewalk of EtonCentris.

The increasing waste pollution is one of the major environmental problems all around the world. Waste pollution does not only affect the environment but also causes a negative effect on human health.

The government agencies and environmental advocates are already implementing programs to reduce waste pollution in the country. However, there are still some irresponsible people who kept on littering anywhere.

Lady Resident

Recently, a Facebook user named Katrina Macasa has shared the photos of a massive amount of garbage along the sidewalk. Macasa expressed her disappointment towards some call center agents who scattered the garbage.

Lady Resident

In the video, it can be seen that the sidewalk is filled with Styrofoam cups and cigarette butts and other garbage. Macasa urged the call center agents to be responsible and to throw their garbage properly.

Lady Resident
Lady Resident

Here is the full post:

Sa mga call center agents na nagyoyosi sa sidewalk ng #EtonCentris. Maawa naman kayo sa mga naglilinis. #hiyahiyadin #mgabasuraniyo #MMDA

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