The “walkout issue” concerning Morissette Amon urged people to compare her to Chokoleit

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Amon is now being compared to late comedian Chokoleit due to the “walkout issue” involving her.

It can be recalled that the young singer received criticisms when videos of her walkout surfaced on social media. That was during the concert of newbie singer Kiel Alo. Morissette was supposed to perform but she chose to leave the venue after not liking the interview she had with Mario Dumaual.

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Jobert Sucaldito, as the talent manager and concert producer of Kiel, expressed disappointment to this. Later on, Morissette apologized and Jobert accepted her apology for what happened. However, according to the article by columnist Ronnie Carrasco in Bandera, the remarkable singing prowess of Morissette was overpowered by what she did.

“In a world which detests “feeling diva” artists, ang mga tulad ni Morissette who feels licensed to muddle up things with no regard for her co-performers’ feelings are made to pay the price,” Carrasco said. He added that the incident already left a stigma.

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The columnist also mentioned that because of what happened they can’t avoid comparing Morisset Amon to Chokoleit. It is known to many that the comedian continued performing for his provincial despite his health condition.

“For sure, bago pa man siya sumampa sa entablado’y masama na ang timpla niya yet he performed as though he owned the stage. Walang walkout na nangyari, let alone the slightest provocation from a TV reporter. No drama, no theatrics,” Carrasco cited in his article.

For the columnist, there is a possibility that what will happen to Morissette is more painful because she can be alive but her career is otherwise.

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