Viral Bride and Her Ex-Bf Crying in Front of Groom Amid Wedding Reception

Video of a Bride and Her Ex-Bf Crying in Front of Groom Earned Various Reactions

Video of a bride and her ex-bf emotional moment while they are in front of the groom become viral on social media after it was posted.

Bride and Her Ex-Bf
Screenshot from the video

Recently, a facebook page named “AkocAne Kulitz Fun Page” shared a video of a guy crying to his ex-girlfriend in the midst of the wedding reception while the groom is in front.

The bride becomes emotional also after he saw his ex-bf crying because she will be married to another man. She is crying even though her groom is right beside her.

The video has caption of “Yong ikakasal na sa iba ang mahal mo 😢 “Ingatan mo siya “.

What is amazing in the incident, the groom was calm down and even shake his wife’s ex-partner to show his sympathy to extinguish the intense emotion at the wedding. The groom did not overreact in fact he accepts and did not interrupt the emotional moment of his wife and its ex-partner.

Lots of netizens feel mixed emotions and wonder at the ex-boyfriend did at the wedding of the woman she loved. Netizens have various reactions and opinions on the video posted on Facebook.

Here are some of their reaction on the video:

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