Makati City’s Colorful Lights will be Displayed Throughout the Christmas Season

CHRISTMAS SEASON – The colorful lights in Makati City parks and elevated walkways will be displayed throughout the Christmas season.

Billions of people like Christmas so much. Some countries like the Philippines have prepared their decorations and ornaments as early as September. The ninong and ninangs are already thinking about their gifts. In a report, were featured some ways and tips to save your money when buying gifts.

In a previous article, Filipino people poke fun at the “Little Drummer Boy” Jose Mari Chan. They make various memes of the famous singer. He is probably more popular than Santa Claus.

Photo Source: Daily Tribune

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso was spotted dancing cha cha at Liwasang Bonifacio. The said location will be one of the city’s best places to visit. It has a dancing fountain and sound shows.

“Eto yung newly rehabilitated na fountain dito sa Liwasang Bonifacio. Yung mga dating illegal terminal ditto nawala na, nirehabilitate na po ito ng siyudad ng Maynila ngayon. May sounds, lights, dancing water,” said the mayor.

Photo Source: @Philippine Star Twitter

Recently, Philippine Star uploaded several photos of the colorful Christmas decorations at Makati City. The city’s park and elevated walkways were filled with lights.

The design highlights the Pinoy’s craftsmanship and tradition. It makes all the people get more excited and feel the spirit of Christmas.

“Colorful ornaments and installations illuminate throughout Makati City’s parks and its elevated walkway. The display of lights, which often highlights Filipino craftsmanship and tradition, is a much-awaited spectacle during the Christmas season”

Photo Source: @Philippine Star Twitter
Photo Source: @Philippine Star Twitter
Photo Source: @Philippine Star Twitter

Makati City is not the only place in the Philippines that displays colorful lights in public places. All cities and municipalities will have their display of Christmas lights and sounds.

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