Video: Village Security Guards Blocked The Car of Alleged Doctor For Not Presenting Its ID

Here’s a Video Of Security Guards of Village Blocked the Car of Alleged Doctor For Not Giving an ID

SECURITY GUARDS- Village security guards blocked the car of a raging alleged doctor for misbehavior and for not giving its ID when it enters the village.

Security Guards Blocked

Security guards are personnel hired by the government or private companies tasked to implement the employer’s rules and regulations. Guards are also tasked to secure the safety of the people and properties under their area of jurisdictions.

Security Guards can’t be blamed for being strict on implementing the rules their employer, because they are to blame when something goes wrong or something happens that you don’t want.

Recently, a Facebook page named “Viral Videos” uploaded a video of a raging doctor with the red car because security guards of the village blocked the car because she won’t give his ID for their recording.

According to the video posted, the alleged doctor with red cars was not a homeowner of the village. Security guards of the village ask for her ID, but the alleged doctor in the red car show’s misbehavior and still enter the village.

Until the person who is recording the incident came to the red car and tells the driver to move their car so they can enter the village. The alleged doctor still raging and insisting the guards to open the gate.

Security Guards Blocked

The video uploader pointing out her unprofessional behavior, “You’re a Doctor but you are very unprofessional” she said. She also defended the security guards of their village.

Netizens who watch the video expressed their reactions. Here are some of their comments:

Here’s the video:

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